2020 Ministry Report

& End of the Year Giving

Merry Christmas everyone! While it can be tempting to celebrate the coming to an end of a year like 2020, we would like to pause and offer thanks to the Father for His protection, comfort, and provision in the midst of turmoil. The year 2020 has truly been challenging and exceptional. We are excited to tell you about how God has worked through our ministry this year.

We invite you to join in the effort and become an advocate for the ministry of Battlefield and tell others about the good work being done here. Perhaps your prayers will be a difference-maker for someone who faces the many challenges the New Year is likely to bring. Maybe God will invite you to join those who financially support us with an end of the year donation. You could play a critical role in connecting others with the help they desperately need.

God is Growing the Counseling Office

Battlefield continues to expose the enemy and equip the Body of Christ to thrive for the Lord’s name and His renown by providing counseling, trips to enrich, and missionary care.

Conversations about Battlefield’s need for more space led to an unexpected opportunity to utilize and renovate additional office space in the same complex of our Rome location. The renovations are ongoing. By 2021, Battlefield Ministries will have three additional counseling offices, more administrative space, and less crowding in our waiting areas. We are grateful the Father has provided us with more space to social distance while continuing the care that is needed.

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We love how God shows up in the counseling office with the counselor and client. We love how He gives us opportunities to minister in the wilderness to people of all walks in the most unlikely ways. We love, and are especially grateful for, how He puts us on your heart. It is an unspeakable joy for us to know so many of you are praying for us. God the Father can do things however He wishes and He seems to delight in connecting us, His kids, in countless ways. Your prayers, encouragement, and financial support are all love notes from God to us all through the year. We receive each one and allow them to go in deep.

Our Ministry is Meeting a Financial Need

We never want money to be the reason someone does not receive help. Our thirteen counselors work at a reduced rate for those with financial need. We are able to offer counseling to people who cannot afford it through our sliding fee scale because of donors like you.  THANK YOU!

Did You Know?

Our sliding fee scale is not fully funded. This means our counselors counsel for considerably less per hour than the industry standard. Because of our reduced rate Battlefield Ministries gives away counseling services to the tune of $250,000 – $275,000 every year. It is our desire to continue providing services for those who cannot afford it and honor the licensed professionals who work here by paying them the fair market rate.
We are not yet able to do this.

Read more about the Needs for the Sliding Fee Scale

When the sliding scale is utilized, based on the household’s combined income, both the ministry and the counselor work at a proportionally reduced rate. Based on the sliding scale, what is paid for counseling in comparison to the industry standard, represents the gap that we essentially “give away.” This is where our supporters come in. Your contributions make this possible.

God has sustained us through the contributions we have received. We have a dream and a hope that the gap would be fully, rather than partially, funded. This would make provision for all parties to thrive. By thriving, we mean taking even better care of clients, counselors, and the ministry. The difference-maker would be the contributions being equal to the gap.

We Provided Care through Telemental Health

The whole world changed in March of 2020. After the initial two weeks of fear and self-quarantine, we began to adapt and make provision for people to get the help they needed. As 2020 continued to unfold there was a greater need for tending to the trauma, fear, isolation, and fatigue that ensued. In a few short weeks, we were able to create and make documents available virtually in order that new and existing clients could begin to utilize telemental health.

Our clients received continuity of care while our care-givers adjusted to the increased demand for comfort and peace during the uncertainty of this chaotic year. This year, we have provided 1,333 telemental health sessions as a crucial option for care. We have also provided 2,536 in-person sessions for those whose need called for face-to-face time.

Successful Year for Trips to Enrich

It has turned out to be a wonderful year to be outside! We have enjoyed many opportunities for Sarah Freeman to facilitate a few adventures with small groups and families climbing, rappelling, kayaking, and hiking. We had a You Are That Man trip in the Fall as well as an official pilot effort for a fly-fishing retreat called Reel to Real that is a direct overflow of, but separate from, You Are That Man.

Join Us in Asking God to Provide for 2021

There will always be those who need financial assistance as they seek restorative counseling. Battlefield Ministries is committed to providing this. Now, in anticipation of 2021, we ask that you join us in praying about what God has for us in the coming year. Part of our prayer is for you to get caught up in the magnificent orchestration of God’s handiwork at Battlefield.

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