Spring 2023 Newsletter – Reflecting the Image of God

In March, Chris and Angie Wheelus served as leaders for a Liberty University student trip to Sweden and Norway, focusing on the mental health industry. They explored what mental health services are offered in these countries and found many similarities with services offered in the US.

Angie wrote observations of interacting with the graduate students:

All people are created in the image of God and each person reflects a piece of His glory. It has been so fun to pay attention to and be watchful for those glimpses of God’s character/image in each person I came in contact with on this trip. My favorite thing is to share with the person what I am seeing as they show up as themselves with the team. These are moments of “I see you…” and the response seems to be encouraging – a moment of taking courage.

Sometimes the gift God deposited in the person is not utilized by the Spirit, but instead it is overridden by the autonomic nervous system that is “on fire” or “jacked up.” For example, A person’s beautiful gift of organization or even leadership led by the Spirit is attractive, edifying, and life giving to the group. But the same gift, overridden by a strong stress response, is quite damaging, hurtful, and unattractive. Seeing their “gift gone awry” is part of self-awareness, which can help the person “reframe” and allow the deposited “gifting” to be fully utilized for the glory of God.

With a desire to see healthy families spreading the message of Christ to families around the world, Chris and Angie Wheelus (pictured front right) joined Battlefield Ministries in 2019. Chris and Angie believe in the power of God to change lives as seen in their family and families around them. 

Celebrate What God is Doing – International Trip to Kenya

In February, we sent a team of three couples to Kenya to minister to missionaries serving there. Rolland and Teresa Phillips and Travis and Stephanie Hill joined Battlefield founders Nathan and Jane Phillips for the trip. The marriage retreat hosted ten couples for five days. God blessed the effort as the couples enjoyed meaningful connection while the venue offered refreshment and restoration. All three couples on our team had many conversations and leaning-in moments with the missionaries.

One participating couple mentioned how deeply thankful they were for the blessing of financial help that allowed them to attend. The husband said as his wife agreed, “I’ll never be the same after this time together.”

Following the retreat, the team moved to Nairobi to offer counseling and health clinic assistance. After two full days of counseling appointments with missionaries in Nairobi, they had a long, full day serving 60 Somali refugees. The whole team fit into roles at Iftiin Family Clinic, offering medical care with a doctor, a nurse, and three counselors.

It is more than a blessing to be there for missionaries who serve in various capacities. It is a joy to minister to refugees and be the hands and feet of Jesus.

Battlefield Health Check

Each Spring marks an anniversary for almost all of our team members joining Battlefield. Nathan and Jane set aside time to meet with each counselor individually, hearing how ministry is going for them as they serve, and determining how BFM can better come alongside them.  It’s a valuable time for feedback and historically has informed aspects of our operations. 

In March, several of our Battlefield counselors and staff and their families participated in the Battle for the Blue Birdie badminton tournament. We hope this will be an annual event and encourage recreation opportunities amongst our team members.  

Counseling at the office in Rome and Cartersville, GA continues at a steady pace. We are thankful for your prayers and financial support. They are a continuous blessing and sustenance for Battlefield Ministries.  

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