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Battlefield Ministries, Inc. exists to expose the enemy and equip the Body of Christ to thrive for the Lord’s name and His renown.


Imagine a world in which every person walks in the fullness of what God intended for them from the foundation of the world until now. Our vision is to help create that world by helping everyone we serve come to know their Gifting and be freed to unleash it. It is in this unleashing and freedom that every individual, couple, and family we touch, thrives. Thriving people who show up as full, whole, and healthy bring the light of Christ to their communities and the world at large. We are all made better by their presence.

“The glory of God is a man fully alive.” —- St. Irenaeus

Our Investment

We offer discounted rates, based on income-level, to all counseling clients. Though we want everyone to be invested in their own healing, we never want money to be the reason somebody does not get help.

Battlefield averages 75 sessions per week in our offices. Our counselors are involved in other ministry opportunities in the community and abroad.  Our reach is around 4,000 people. That includes our counseling clients, overseas work, intensive work, speaking at various retreats, and Trips to Enrich.

As a result of offering a sliding fee scale for counseling, Battlefield Ministries gives away counseling services to the tune of $250,000 – $275,000 every year.

Battlefield Ministries, Inc is a 501 C3 non-profit ministry offering counseling services and trips that are:

Clinically Sound

Spiritually Minded

Gifting Oriented

Our Impact

Thousands of individuals receive the restoration possible through clinically sound, spiritually minded, and gifting oriented counseling, as well as through the hundreds of retreats, intensives, and international trips. Pastors who offer spiritual counsel receive much needed assistance. The gifting in those that Battlefield serves is awakened, opening opportunities to influence the world for Christ. Marriages that could have easily been marriages broken, ended, and in court are restored. Where there was once yelling, detachment and disarray, couples and families find calmness, loving speech, and a path to peaceful communication. The presence of Battlefield gives those in the midst of experiencing despair a place to go, a warm reception, and the tools to move from merely surviving to operating from a more full, more whole and healthier place. Without a way out, those same individuals risked continuing to live ensnared by the enemy, believing the lie that their present devastation was all there was for them.

Our Community

Battlefield is far more than a ministry program, organization, or construct. It is a growing community of believers who are learning how to more fully walk out their gifting. The impact of a community of believers living out the image and wisdom of God reverberates throughout the world and into the heavenly realms. It has been seen and continues to show up in the lives of those who have been served by Battlefield and in the lives of those around them.

While we are not affiliated with a specific church, we are a resource for the Church. We collaborate with local churches, across multiple denominations throughout the country, and with mission organizations around the world.

Who We Serve





Global Workers

The Body of Christ

The World

Serving, Since 1996

Since 1996, we've been providing Christ-centered, Biblically-based counseling services in Rome, GA. We covet your prayers and we are always appreciative of new and ongoing financial supporters.

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