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How does the sliding-fee scale work?

Meeting a Need

We never want money to prevent people from getting the help they need. Many times those in the most need of counseling find that their finances are also affected by their situation. We value donor support that helps these people in need.

Ability to Pay

Battlefield Ministries utilizes a sliding-fee scale, also referred to as an “ability to pay scale.” Over the 20+ years the ministry has been in operation, we have adjusted this scale based on the trends in the community and the income levels of those we serve. The intention is for the top of our scale (currently $160 per 50 min. session) to be set by the “going rate” for the services offered in our region of the U.S. It is worth noting that only about 6% of clients we see are able to pay at this rate. All other tiers of the scale are below that going-rate and based on the client’s annual household income. The lowest tier being $75 per session for annual household incomes of $60K or less annually. We have a small percentage of clients who may need a further reduction of rate and we try to work with them as well. It is our hope that as we are helping them with the presenting issue, their financial situation also improves.

Donors Fill the Gap

We ask donors to consider making up the gap in fees. In order to pay the counselors and overhead, we would not “make rent” with a majority of clients paying at the bottom of the scale. Battlefield has been blessed with a few faithful supporters over the years, and we have realized that as our counseling team has grown, our need for the added support has grown as well.

I’m new to counseling. What should I expect?

We meet you right where you are. The therapist always starts with you and your story. We listen to fully understand who you are and how your story impacts you. We ask you what your hope is for care and help you put words on that hope. Where we go from there is informed by an ongoing dialog between you and your counselor. The counselor may have observations and might pause to ask questions about those things.

What does the first appointment look like?

At the first appointment the counselor will review the intake information. The counselor will have this information provided in the phone intake or email inquiry, as well as the paperwork submitted through Theranest to review. This helps maximize the time together from the very first session. However, the first appointment will be your first opportunity to share a more in-depth story with the counselor. Counseling goals may be established based on the stated desire for the outcome of the counseling relationship.

What are your fees and policies?

Fees: The sliding fee scale used to determine fees ranges from $160 per hour to $75 per 50 minute session.

To learn how the sliding fee scale works, click here.

Cancellation Policy: If a client does not show up for a scheduled appointment or fails to cancel with at least 24-hours notice, a cancellation fee will be assessed.

What happens when I call for an appointment?

Our first interaction with you is an intake conversation to try and discover which counselor is the best fit. You are then matched with a counselor that best fits your needs for therapy and schedule. Different counselors are passionate about and trained in different areas of counseling. After our office staff touch base with the counselors, they call you to offer options for a first appointment date and time.

Once an agreed-upon date is chosen, the office staff will email a link for intake paperwork through our TheraNest system. Secure information can be collected and immediately entered into the TheraNest file prior to the first appointment. Paper copies are available upon request for those unable to complete digital forms. The Battlefield Ministries team exercises confidentiality and we are HIPAA compliant.

How many sessions should I expect?

Battlefield’s team operates with the goal of ministering according to your need. Each person’s needs and situation are unique so there is not a formula to determine the number of sessions. However, our team does make recommendations for frequency and length of time that may be projected from the beginning. Ultimately, you are the driver for attendance and factors such as time and budget are considered. In the case of a crisis situation, once-a-week sessions are common, then you may move to every two weeks at a later date. In situations that are not as urgent in nature, you may come once or twice a month even in the early part of the counseling relationship. On average, 8-12 sessions will get desired results for most people in their counseling goals.

What forms of payment or insurance do you accept?

Payment: Preferred method of payment is Visa/Mastercard/AmEx/Discover kept on file in our secure system.

Insurance: We do not file insurance. If you have a benefit that will cover professional counseling, we are happy to provide the receipt you would need for reimbursement. Receipts are available upon request. HSA cards are usually accepted through our secure TheraNest system. Battlefield Ministries, Inc. does have a National Provider Number and is recognized as a mental health facility. Clients may need to contact their HSA provider for approval.

For more information about why we do not accept insurance, please click here.

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