Greetings from the Founders | December 2020

We want to borrow from the Apostle Paul’s letter to the Philippians as we greet you during this Christmas season. Our home definitely communicates it’s that time of year. We do, so love the fragrance of our Frazier Fir adorned with lights and meaningful decorations that seem to tell the tale of years gone by. Poinsettias frame our black tile fireplace and our hearts are full as we think of you.

From Nathan and Jane, servants of Jesus Christ at Battlefield, to all the saints in Jesus Christ, who are our base, in many parts of the world; in your work… whatever it is, serving where our dear Lord has placed you, where you are faithful to what He has put on your hearts and minds, with the ones who, in His Sovereignty, He has chosen to partner with you and share life together. Grace be with you, and peace, from God our Father and from the Lord Jesus Christ.

We thank God upon every remembrance of you! Always in our prayers for you, making request with joy, for your fellowship in the gospel from the first day until now. Being confident of this very thing, that He who hath begun a good work in you is faithful to perform it until the day of Jesus Christ. We walk in this confidence, and it creates contentment.

This “remembrance” is a very real thing for us. Joy with every Christmas card received, which is displayed through mid February, then pictures cut out and placed on our refrigerator. Often we pause to pray for each person in the picture. We linger together over the pictures, taking some moments to share a warm thought or memory of you. Over the years the color of our fridge is less apparent.

Once we can bear to de-decorate the tree, we snip the ends of the limbs and place some in the bottom of each (and every) trash can in our house. Throughout the year then, as we pull a trash bag out of the can, those boughs faithfully release their delightful woodsy aroma that wafts the fragrance of Christmas into the room… turns a job into a joy.

These lingering methods are our version of Paul’s beautiful writing.

Truly, we thank God as we remember you.



Our Isaac and his Bethany are great parents to their Kinley Rae who will be 2yrs old this March. Isaac has been given full responsibility of Sojourn Adventures in Atlanta. Bethany continues her role as an AP English teacher at Buford High School. (NOTE: Nathan dearly wishes he could have had her for an English teacher back in the day!) Mondays we have the opportunity to keep little Kinley while Mom & Dad are working. We can report that she “realwy, realwy, REALWY” brings joy to our hearts and is just so fun to be with.

We love getting time with our kids; like being all together for Thanksgiving. Each made the effort to gather in our home for a Thanksgiving dinner “made from scratch” as suggested by our Bethany. Of course it was lots of work, lots of fun, and generated the need for lots of rest; all except for Kinley, who didn’t want to miss a thing! “We love our family!” (said with the emphasis and satisfaction of Dash Incredible).


Andy is continuing his plug-n’-play Assistant Manager’s job with a group of restaurants in Traveler’s Rest, SC. Each time we get to visit there we hear folks tell us how much they love to work with Andy… as do we! He recently moved into a duplex where he (finally) has space to unpack and see all of his “special things” – which are wonderful reminders of his rich experiences. He also is just so fun to be with!

Please read the page in honor our of dear friend, Leroy Jackson, whom we lost earlier this year, and a Ministry Report for those who might not have seen it.

Grace, Peace, Favor & Love rest upon you, thrive within you, and go before you. May all who experience your presence find themselves in His Presence and be changed for good.

Merry Christmas,

Nathan and Jane


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