How Does the Sliding Fee Scale Work?

Meeting a Need

We never want money to prevent people from getting the help they need. Many times those in the most need of counseling find that their finances are also affected by their situation. We value donor support that helps these people in need.

Ability to Pay

Battlefield Ministries, Inc. has always operated on a sliding fee scale, also referred to as “an ability to pay scale.” Over the 20+ years the ministry has been in operation, we have adjusted this scale based on the trends in the community and the income levels of those we serve. The intention is for the top of our scale (currently $160 per hour) to be set by the “going rate” for the services offered in our region of the U.S. It is worth noting that only about 10% of clients we see are able to pay at this rate. All other tiers of the scale are below that going-rate and based on the client’s annual household income. The lowest tier being $75 per hour for annual household incomes of $60K or less annually. We have a small percentage of clients who may need a further reduction of rate and we try to work with them as well. It is our hope that as we are helping them with the presenting issue, their financial situation also improves.

Donors Fill the Gap

We ask donors to consider making up the gap in fees. In order to pay the counselors and overhead, we would not “make rent” with a majority of clients paying at the bottom of the scale. Battlefield has been blessed with a few faithful supporters over the years, and we have realized that as our counseling team has grown, our need for the added support has grown as well.

Serving, Since 1996

Since 1996, we've been providing Christ-centered, Biblically-based counseling services in Rome, GA. We covet your prayers and we are always appreciative of new and ongoing financial supporters.

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