Our Story

The Heart

In August of 1995, after finishing a three year commitment in Zaire with Africa Inland Mission, the Phillips’ and their two sons, Isaac and Andy, returned to the States. They began to visit people throughout the US who had financially and prayerfully supported them overseas. During their travels, they recognized that some of the Christian homes and marriages that had been intact, appeared healthy, and were influential in their lives prior to leaving, were now broken. The hearts of Nathan and Jane were deeply affected. These people were Bible teachers, spiritual leaders, and friends. It seemed that in most places they visited, there were Christian marriages crumbling due to some sort of moral tension, infidelity, or core disagreement, with some having ended in separation or divorce.

The Vision

Some friends of Nathan and Jane’s saw a ministry in the making and felt that God was leading him and his wife to not only support, but also serve alongside the Phillips’ in fighting for families. Shortly after, God gave Jane a vision of a battlefield littered with wounded soldiers. She also saw two soldiers kneeling down beside two of their injured comrades. It was at that moment when Jane clearly felt God leading them, even assigning them, to their current position of coming alongside their fallen comrades, God’s soldiers, who were being taken out by the enemy.


Soon after moving to Rome in 1996 the Phillips’ established Battlefield Ministries, Inc. as a 501C3 non-profit counseling ministry. Although they were open to accepting invitations from the pastors of local and surrounding churches to become a part of their church body, Nathan and Jane never received a Divine peace to do so. Several years later, while moving among the different dinner tables at their community Date Night fundraiser, the Phillips’ were impacted with the realization that from the outset, God had not planned for Battlefield to be directly affiliated with one particular church, denomination, or organization in order that Battlefield would be freely available to all, as evidenced by the number of different churches, denominations, and organizations represented around the tables. This revelation brought smiles to the faces, and tears to the eyes of Nathan and Jane.    

The Phillips’ remain thankful for the space local churches provided for them to meet with people, one member of the flock at a time. Over a relatively short time, the number of people calling for help increased. Recognizing their limited capacity to meet this increase and feeling the burden to well attend to those calling, Nathan and Jane share that their principle marketing strategy was to take their name and number out of the phonebook. They also closed their office in Villa Rica, Georgia in order to use the travel time (6 hrs/wk) to offer more sessions in Rome.



In June of 2005, Amy Clackum joined Battlefield to help carry some of the administrative responsibilities required to run the growing practice. She was the gentle but driving force that set Battlefield up for more counselors to come on board who could help meet the rising demand for counseling which could foster emotional, mental, spiritual, and even physical health.

Over the next two years, the Lord added another counselor and the first of many interns. July of 2007, Amy passed her administrative responsibilities to Samantha Nash who currently holds the position of Assistant to the Executive Director as well as managing the office and administrative staff. We thank God for the competent individuals who make up the Battlefield team which consists of 12 counselors who are either licensed or working on licensure, a life coach, and 3 administrative staff.


During the seventh year of Battlefield’s existence, WinShape afforded Nathan and Jane the honor and privilege of collaborating with WinShape Marriage during its beginning years of marriage ministry. Also during this time, the National Institute of Marriage (NIM) invited Nathan and Jane to come on board as counselors leading marriage intensives, where Nathan became a lead therapist. The best brief description for an intensive is NIM’s phrase, “an emergency room for couples in crisis.” Nathan faithfully served with them for the next 13 years until Battlefield’s needs required his full attention. Nathan and Jane continue to provide intensive-type counseling; meeting with an individual or a couple for multiple hours at a time (extended sessions) or several days, based on the need.

What is an Intensive?

Missionary Care

In keeping with God’s economy of using everything in someone’s life to build on the next thing, God not only used, but certainly planned for Nathan and Jane to serve as missionaries overseas as part of their preparation for birthing Battlefield years later.

The Phillips’ knowledge of and appreciation for missionaries began when they were children. They each had multiple brushes with missionaries through the missions programs in their churches. Both remember sharing meals with missionaries around their families’ dining tables and both families have members who have served many years on the mission field. Jane felt God calling her to become a missionary at five years of age. As a college student, she served as a summer missionary in Vermont, and then together with Nathan was part of a team who went to Uganda, Africa as their first international endeavor. As a young family, Nathan, Jane, Isaac and Andy served in Zaire, Africa. Interestingly, during their 3-year stint there, and as God would have it, they found themselves not only parenting the children of missionaries, but hosting marriage intensive-like efforts in their home. Nathan and Jane had no way of knowing that this was part of God’s training for them to become marriage intensive therapists.

Once landing in Rome, Georgia, they became acquainted with Chick-fil-A and WinShape. This paved the way for the “5 Components of Change” to be established with Shawn Stoever, and then be carried to all parts of the world as WinShape Marriage generously extended its care to missionaries around the globe, offering relational health, restoration, and as a result, sustainability to those who are called to serve overseas. The investments made in the lives and marriages of these front liners is rewarding for all parties involved: the senders, the carriers, and the receivers of the Life and Light of Christ, which offers abundant life to all who partake
of it.

More Growth in the Counseling Office

As word spread about the ministry happening at Battlefield in Rome and the surrounding areas, the demand for counseling services increased exponentially. As the ministry’s reach lengthened, God brought team members to meet the need for counseling. By 2008 Battlefield gained three new staff members to work alongside Nathan and Jane, serving 600 people, offering over 1200 sessions, eighteen marriage intensives, and eight retreats. In 2009, the ministry expanded its office to provide a total of six counseling spaces, a café and administrative office, as well as executing an overall renovation which served to enhance the atmosphere of warmth and safety, affording people the sense of being well cared for. For the next number of years it was “more of the same.” As the Lord brought more staff members on board, it made way for the increased number of counseling sessions, more collaboration with Intensive efforts, and international events. In 2020 Battlefield had the opportunity to expand the Rome office and is currently finishing the renovation of new administrative and counseling space.

Battlefield Became a Training Ground

As the branches of the ministry continued to grow, Battlefield added more counselors and opened an office in Cartersville, Georgia. Although the Phillips’ had been pouring into other counselors all along, requests from young therapists to do their internship at Battlefield led to formalizing our efforts to offer supervision to new counselors. In a way that finds the balance of being clinically sound, spiritually minded, and gifting oriented, the seeds of Christian principles are sown into counselors who are finishing their required hours to be a fully licensed counselor. From “Tool-Time” in staff meetings to formal one-on-one supervision sessions, Battlefield invests in each therapist to maximize what they bring to the counseling office. Battlefield currently has four certified supervisors on staff. In addition to this, Battlefield has become a certified provider of Continuing Education credits.


Battlefield has two counseling offices and over a dozen staff members. One of the joys of Nathan and Jane is that each of the spouses of our counselors is significantly involved in some sort of ministry. Battlefield is blessed with financial support from donors to offer deeper roots to keep these “wider branches” thriving. The Battlefield team of counselors, coach, and administrative staff is made up of committed Christians who know God, love Him, and faithfully serve and walk alongside the hurting who contact Battlefield, hoping for a comforting touch from another human being.

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