Testimonies about Women’s Ministry

Here are some thoughts submitted by women who have experienced, contributed to, benefitted from a touch they received from Battlefield’s women’s ministry: 


The international branch of Battlefield’s women’s ministry began in France about 20 years ago and has had an impact upon the lives of women from many different religions, backgrounds, and cultures.

From an initial women’s retreat in the outskirts of Paris (“Come to the Water”), to the wasteland places of broken lives in a women’s prison in Lyon, you have been part of a redemptive and healing ministry, channeling “living water” through the pipeline of Battlefield ministries.

A weekly phone call with Jane, scheduled just before I entered the vaulted halls of the prison, provided prayer support and wise, Spirit-led counsel that applied just the right healing balm to the wounded hearts of the women I encountered in the course of my visits in the individual cells.

On one such phone call Jane said, “I’m going to vicariously enter the cells with you today and will wash one woman’s feet.” 

I responded with a hesitant, “…Okay…” But inwardly, I doubted such an unlikely occasion would arise. 

Later that day, I was nearing the end of my three-hour shift of chaplaincy visits but had time to see one more woman. As I turned the key to Isabelle’s cell door, my jaw dropped at the sight of a blonde head bent over a basin of water, foot poised for dipping in. She looked up and smiled at my surprise. 

I said, “Isabelle, you might not believe this, but I’m supposed to wash your feet.” She protested vehemently, “Oh, no. Not you, a pastor. I can’t let you wash my feet!” 

She finally conceded after I explained that my hands were simply applying the comforting balm that the Holy Spirit had foreseen and foretold through Jane. This encounter with “the God who sees me” was life-changing for this woman. 

On another occasion, Jane was in France accompanying me to a gathering of North African women. As the meeting ended, the women prepared to leave. Jane leaned over and gesturing towards the Arab woman who was hosting, whispered to me, “I’m supposed to ‘do’ her feet.” I looked straight into Jane’s face and muttered, “Are you SURE?” 

Yes, she was sure! Taking a breath, I voiced a translation of her request. Upon hearing it, our hostess froze, her eyes filling with tears. “In my profession I spend all day standing and caring for other people’s tired muscles and feet. How did you know my feet are hurting badly?” 

Jane assured her that she had not known, but the “One who sees and hears” had sent relief. The basin and the towel were produced, and as Jane gently washed and massaged the tired, aching feet, the women watching poured out their questions about Jesus, about how to meet Him, and how to discern the Holy Spirit’s voice.  

One of the women present began her faith journey in earnest that evening… a journey that led her to the waters of baptism a few years later, where Jane and Nathan were “present” (via Zoom)! 

On the phone, on the screen, on the foreign field…wherever Battlefield ministers are at work, you who support them are present through your prayers and gifts. As recently as the Fall of 2022, Jane and Sarah (Freeman Phillips) brought the message of Jesus’ hope, healing, and peace to women who had never heard the Good News, much less could believe that He knew each one “by name.” Living in the spiritually dark central region of France, the women who participated in the two conferences received a taste of “living water” and the goodness of God. 

The Holy Spirit continues to send showers of refreshing and blessing upon the seeds of faith sown through your ministry in France…so that: 

“Even the hard pathways overflow with abundance. 

The grasslands of the wilderness become a lush pasture, 

And the hillsides blossom with joy.” 

Psalm 65:11-12 (NLT) 

Thank you for caring…thank you for coming! 

Sheryl Gera 

IMB missionary to France for over 40 years, Jane’s sister and life-long role model 

In Zephaniah 3:17 we are told that the Lord our God is with us, and He is a mighty warrior who saves. That He takes great delight in us; in His love He will no longer rebuke us, but He will rejoice over us with singing. Jane showed us what this means by helping us understand that no matter what we have done OR what has been done to us, there is forgiveness and redemption for all who are in Christ our Lord.

Our family joined Jane in singing over our home, ushering in God’s peace at bedtime. Such a wonderful way to end the day. I thank God for Battlefield Ministries and give Him all the Glory for the great things He has done.

Amy Carpenter

Missionary to Italy


I’ve attended at least half a dozen women’s retreats hosted by Battlefield Ministries and I always return home transformed…sometimes by specific words spoken, sometimes by one-on-one time with other women, sometimes by my alone time with Jesus…usually by all of the above! For me, the women’s retreats have been a safe place for me to simply show up in whatever condition I find myself in at the time. When I just show up…God always meets me. Thank you, Battlefield, for making the time and space for women to gather and nurture each other, along with valuable tools and teaching. 

Jennifer Eddins

Faithful prayer warrior and friend of Battlefield


Being a member of Pearls has been a wonderful experience for me. Not only has it connected me with a wonderful group of ladies, but it has also connected me with a part of myself I was hiding from. I constantly felt like I wasn’t enough because I wasn’t “mature” and didn’t “take life seriously enough.” Then God brought me and Ms. Jane together. He chose her to show me that it is okay to have a childlike spirit and carry yourself with emotional innocence. Pearls is a place where many different parts come together and work together toward God’s will. We are all different and we are all beautiful. 

Emma Owens

Current Pearl, Berry student; Early Childhood Development major


When I think of Battlefield Ministries, one of the first things that comes to mind is women coming alongside one another and DOing life together. I also think of the freedom of BEing who we are, where we are, and what we are in whatever season we find ourselves. The women’s ministry branch of Battlefield is a ministry that reaches far and wide. It has touched the lives of women of all ages.

I have had the honor and privilege to participate in two of the women’s retreats: “Come to the Water” and “Just Come.” As believers, we are called to come to Jesus with who we are: everything we have, hope for, fear, and struggle with. I believe as women, we need this openness with each other as well. These retreats have opened doors for real-life conversations and relationships. Ms. Jane and the leadership team help create an environment where everyone is safe to just BE; to feel loved, heard, and SEEN. The ministry team facilitates heart-work and connection through a variety of experiences (i.e., worship through the Word, music, nature, stillness, art, physical activity, rest, prayer, “speaking Life,” and wise counsel).

I have had the honor of being a part of the women’s ministry branch for over two decades. I was in Ms. Jane’s very first college-girl small group, Pearls. Ms. Jane met us exactly where we were, fed us, taught us how to speak Life to ourselves and to each other. She loved us deeply. She taught us about Jesus our Shepherd and that we are His precious little lambs. Her daily life, her teachings, her entire ministry to women and to others is centered around walking out true intimacy with the Lord.

Twenty-seven years later, after I returned from living overseas, Ms. Jane felt a prompting from the Father to start Pearls again with my college-aged daughter and a few other girls! What an amazing, full-circle kindness from the Lord! But, bless the Lord, it does not stop there. I have the incredible blessing of being a part of yet another branch of this ministry, of three women, each in unique seasons, brought together by a cultured past, hence our name, Cultured Pearls. Our time together is healing, comforting, and inclusive as we draw on each other’s love of the Word and our Lord. 

The women’s ministry branch of Battlefield is a precious, life-enriching pearl. Through it, many women have discovered Truth, experienced healing, and formed relationships that strengthen our walks with the Lord and others; enabling more women to go forth and bless others. 

Amy Davidson

Original Pearl, teacher, Bible study leader for teens and women


Battlefield Ministries goes beyond the sacred spaces of their counseling centers and stretches further than local and loving communities to bring biblical care to the soul through getaway weekends. I have had the privilege of attending the retreats offered for women multiple times. Jane not only has taught me so much about the heart and the most loving parts of our Savior, but she has inspired me to minister in my community in more biblically holistic ways.

Jane realizes that counseling is so desperately needed outside the walls of the office, and she has unselfishly made herself available for retreat weekends. In a world where trust is questioned, Jane knows how to respect those struggles but also to disarm them in an effort to bring healing to the inner hurt deep in the soul of a person. I am deeply grateful for her years of wisdom, faith, and consistency in the counseling arena.

Tanya Dean

Founder of Deeper Living Ministries and Hope4Hearts Georgia