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Nathan & Jane Phillips

Nathan Phillips

Nathan does a little bit of everything when it comes to Trips to Enrich. Climbing, spelunking, rivers, deserts, roadways, you name it! He and his bride Jane continue to set the standard for Christian, relational adventure.

You Are That Man (YATM) • Reel to Real (R2R) • Canadian Romantic Adventure • Day Trips for Families

Jane Phillips

Jane brings an innate ability to foster meaningful moments in all kinds of environments and situations. Women, couples, and families can count on Jane for deep connection opportunities in most any adventure.

Womens’ Events • Couples Adventures • Family Camping • Canadian Romantic Adventure

Adam & Sam Nash

Adam Nash

Adam’s most favorite things include meaningful conversation and the beauty of the Lord’s handiwork in nature. He is willing to embrace many adventures that lead to these two passions!

You Are That Man (YATM) • Reel to Real (R2R) • Pre-marital Alumni Events • Canadian Romantic Adventure

Sam Nash

Sam provides support, both administrative and otherwise, for most of what happens at Battlefield Ministries, including Trips to Enrich.

Canadian Romantic Adventure • Pre-Marital Events • Day Trips for Families • Hospitality

Andy & Sarah Phillips

Andy Phillips

Andy has been around Trips to Enrich from its earliest days. He brings a thoughtful attentiveness to any adventure. His calm and peaceful demeanor makes him a valuable teammate and a sought-after facilitator.

You Are That Man (YATM); A Mighty Man • You Are That Fam (YATF) • Fathers and Sons Climbing Day Trips

Sarah Phillips

Sarah makes Trips to Enrich a high priority in her ministry at Battlefield. She would love to see more family day trips throughout the year as well as creating more international T2E opportunities. She is game for international trips (especially if her husband, Andy comes!).

You Are That Fam (YATF) • Day Trips for Families • International Trips

Brian Tuten

Brian Tuten

Brian’s relationship with Nathan around adventure was a God-anointed steppingstone into YATM and all the Trips to Enrich downstream from there. He offers high levels of adventure and safety and identified the “three pillars” with Nathan. Check out more about Brian, and his “Fun Hog” family, here: (LINK)

You Are That Man (YATM) • You Are That Fam (YATF) • International Trips • Any adventure – anywhere!

Russell Reid

Russell Reid

Rusell loves the Lord, his wife and family, and the outdoors. He spent seven years in the Marine Corps and 24 years in law enforcement. He loves fellowship with others and sharing the joy of the Lord. He is a YATM “Mighty Man in Training” who is excited to expand his involvement with Trips to Enrich in this season of his life.

You Are That Man (YATM); A Mighty Man in Training • You Are That Fam (YATF) • Reel to Real (R2R) • Canoeing and Kayaking • Family Day Trips

Bob Burbee

Bob Burbee

Dr. Burbee is a co-founder of Reel to Real. He also loves canoeing and pioneered a Minnesota Boundary Waters trip. With the heart of an artist, Bob sometimes brings a guitar and helps groups worship and reflect on God’s presence and redemptive work in their lives. He loves joining others in their journeys and has a heart for seeing more missions-minded Trips to Enrich.

You Are That Man (YATM); A King’s Man • Reel to Real (R2R) • Canoeing • Missionaries • Worship

Bruce & Susan Olmsted

Bruce Olmstead

Bruce, one of “The King’s Men” with YATM, is Co-founder of our Reel to Real effort. He loves hiking, fellowship, and hospitality–and is always looking for an opportunity to be on the river with a fly-rod in hand.

You Are That Man (YATM); A King’s Man • Reel to Real (R2R) • Canoeing • Hiking

Susan Olmstead

Susan provides loving support for Reel to Real with meals, hospitality, and prayer. She also has a heart to serve other couples alongside her husband Bruce.

You Are That Man (YATM) • Reel to Real (R2R) • Couples Trips

Scott & Elizabeth Dempsey

Scott Dempsey

Scott hopes to experience more fellowship in wild places with others who desire that as well. If you ever go camping with him and his bride Elizabeth, they will likely transform your idea of “roughing it.”

You Are That Man (YATM); A King’s Man • Reel to Real (R2R) • Canoeing • Family Camping • Base Camp

Elizabeth Dempsey

Elizabeth, alongside her husband Scott, is excellent with hospitality and organizing T2E efforts. She loves to be on the water and is game for just about any adventure.

Family Camping • Day Trips on the Water • Base Camp

Jason & Julie Free

Jason Free

Jason would love to see more opportunities for men in the southeastern USA. He and his bride Julie love to provide hospitality for many Battlefield Ministries offerings.

You Are That Man (YATM Southeast); A King’s Man • Reel to Real (R2R) • Hospitality

Isaac Phillips

Isaac Phillips

Isaac, one of “The King’s Men” of YATM, has been around Trips to Enrich since its earliest days. He has facilitated experiential learning for over two decades and loves to focus on leadership, couples, and young families.

You Are That Man (YATM Southeast) • Motorcycles • Couples Trips

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