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Many of us hope to improve our quality of life by seeking help with anxiety, depression, unrest due to trauma, or feeling defective in some way. We may decide that we want to improve our sense of self-worth, get better at engaging in meaningful conversation, find out what sexual wholeness is and how to develop it. Battlefield has a number of therapists who offer a safe place to talk about these significant matters, to care, and together tend to your unique needs.

While BFM offers marriage and family counseling, we believe that each person seeking counseling is an individual with individual needs. Each person has their own story and their own heart that is suffering or celebrating due to the people and events in their story. In order to be a healthy part of a marriage or family, they need to learn how to well attend to these significant parts of themselves. The counseling process provides the opportunity for the individual and the counselor to slow down, focus on, and care about both the joys and the sorrows of the client. During this journey of attending to the matters of his or her heart, it is common for the clients to discover some truth about themselves, allowing them to see, perhaps for the first time, who they are at the core of their being.

In our experience, as people begin to operate more fully in who God created them to be, they take what they have learned about themselves and begin to seek deeper understanding about how to better navigate their meaningful relationships.

(NLT) “Pay careful attention to your own work, for then you will get the satisfaction of a job well done, and you won’t need to compare yourself to anyone else.”


Marriage Counseling

Battlefield offers marriage counseling for couples who are in crisis, who are struggling, or who simply want to go deeper in their relationship.

Couples in Crisis

BFM is on the front line fighting for families in crisis, regularly going to the hardest places with people in their marriage. Some couples may be separated, considering divorce, or filing for divorce. Even if someone is already divorced, we do not consider that the end of hope. The reasons for separation or considering divorce are many and may include infidelity, addiction, or extreme chronic stress.

For couples who have lived through, or are now living in, the trauma of adultery, Battlefield believes (and experiences) that trust can be rebuilt and the marriage restored. In fact, according to multiple testimonies, the marriage can land stronger than before the offense.

Some of our couples in crisis may be good candidates to participate in a marriage intensive in addition to counseling. On occasion, extended sessions may be beneficial based on the need of the client. We partner with several other organizations who focus on intensive therapy as their primary style of therapy as well as offering extended sessions over 1-2 days “in house,” tailoring the counseling experience for a couple according to the need.

Couples Who are Struggling

When a couple is feeling disconnected, we teach them what to do to help them feel better known by their spouse and more connected with each other. Life is full of stressors that can impact a marriage. Sudden trauma, turmoil within the family, losing a child, and sexual issues are among a few things that can cause conflict in the marital relationship. Marriage counseling may include addressing the atmosphere in the home, communication style, intimacy, transitions, or any concern that serves to create discord or a feeling of disconnection.

It is common in the course of being married to find ourselves living in a state of dissatisfaction with ongoing frustration, tension, even feeling like you married the wrong person; disconnected to say the least! We experience God’s favor as we walk with couples toward better understanding themselves as individuals and how their personal struggles “bump” into their spouse’s. (James 4:1)

We find that when both parties want to move to a place of peace in their marriage and their home, and are willing to do their part to create this, it is safe to hope that they can indeed land in a place of mutual satisfaction with each other and peace in their home.

Couples Who Want to Go Deeper

Some couples don’t want to simply survive. They want to discover what a thriving marriage looks like; and then live there! After all, the Creator of the universe established the marriage between a man, woman, and Himself as the most powerful, productive, sacred and fulfilling relationship possible, second only to the unity of The Holy Trinity of Himself as God the Father, Jesus Christ the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

Some couples counseling can be for people who say, “We’re doing pretty good,” but are not satisfied with the bland feeling of mediocrity that describes their current daily existence in marriage. They may be in a different season of life or find that certain topics are taboo and want to explore those topics.

A Battlefield counseling office is a great place to unpack and explore those very desires and needs. Battlefield counselors are experts in discovering and removing the obstacles that hinder living full, whole, and healthy. They practice this lifestyle themselves and are eager to share the wealth.

“Christian counseling can be like getting your teeth cleaned; not a root canal.” ~Adam Nash


Premarital Counseling

Battlefield Ministries offers a solid foundation for communicating and connecting in preparation for a lifelong marriage. While you are planning and focusing attention on your wedding day, we will be helping you build your marriage.

A few general topics over four two-hour sessions leading up to the wedding will be covered. In addition to our four-session framework, we offer and walk the couple through the Prepare Enrich Assessment tool. We highly recommend four follow-up sessions after the wedding at one, three, six, and twelve months of the first year of marriage.

If you are entering into re-marriage, we recommend that you consider a fifth session in which you may be paired with a therapist who can help you navigate the challenges of blended families.


Children and Adolescents

Many times parents feel ill-equipped to deal with their child’s emotions and behavior. We are a place where children can find some healing and parents who may feel like they are in over their heads can get some needed support and resources for parenting their child well.

We provide a safe place, inviting children and adolescents into a therapeutic and supportive counseling relationship. Kids sometimes experience a trauma, such as bullying, parents divorcing, or losing a loved one. Often children simply benefit from extra encouragement as they navigate difficulties at school, relationships with family and friends, or the normal changes that naturally take place as they move through the developmental stages. Whether in elementary, middle or high school, all kids face challenges. Challenges can feel overwhelming when children and parents feel as if they are facing them alone. We are equipped to come alongside and walk with you during this part of your journey. It is our privilege, honor, and joy to do so.

Kids get to be kids while they are here! They may benefit from playing, drawing, singing, story telling, or taking a walk. Both children and teens grow in self-awareness and gain insight when provided with tools to identify and express emotions. It is of utmost importance for all kids to have a voice and a caring and capable adult to listen and respond with love.


We place a high value on the opportunity to minister to a whole family. Many times this is initiated by a couple or an individual coming in for counseling. Because the family is a unit, whatever is affecting one person in the family affects the whole family. It may be that someone who brings their child in for a behavior problem discovers that the whole family would benefit from counseling.

From the beginning, Battlefield was established with the family in mind; hence, the name, “Battlefield Ministries…fighting for families.” The destruction of this God-ordained institution has been Satan’s aim since Creation. This alone is cause to consider the strength and power of the family to work good in its members, while serving to threaten the rulers of Darkness, fueling them to continue scheming its demise / to tear it apart / to wreck it.

The family is under attack. Never is this more clear than when one member’s behavior creates discord and chaos within the whole family unit. And never is the strength and healing power of the family more evident than when all members join together and work as one to expose the “real” enemy (which will not be the family member), put words on the effects of that enemy on each member of the family, and then experience the family caring about each of its members as only those particular people can.

One of the advantages of operating as a team at BFM is that, if needed, there may be the option of a family member doing some individual work with another counselor in the midst of family therapy. An individual may ask how the family dynamic is affecting him or her as well as how they are affecting the family. We can help each person have a voice to put their own words on their perspective while monitoring how their words are affecting other members of the family, working to make all things hearable for all parties involved. The outcome is usually a deeper sense of connection experienced by the family in general as each member feels heard and more known by the most significant and powerful people in their lives.

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