Why We Do Not Accept Insurance

Couples & family counseling is rarely covered by insurance

Battlefield Ministries fights for families. Exposing the enemy’s schemes to destroy the family is the cornerstone of our ministry. We believe the couple is the foundation for the family. We make it financially possible for couples and families to get the counseling that is often not covered by insurance. This will benefit all parties involved.

Insurance companies often require a diagnosis

As a part of offering clinically sound counseling, we recognize the value of diagnostic understanding informing how we go about doing therapy. Along with a diagnosis can come ramifications of how individuals are perceived by those who don’t understand. In our experience,it does not always work in their favor to have a mental health diagnosis as part of their permanent medical record. 

All insurance companies require a diagnosis in order to file a claim. Even clients seeking reimbursement from their insurance will need a diagnostic code and a procedure code to attempt filing with their insurance company. Insurance companies use a diagnosis to pay for the treatment. We use a diagnosis to inform the care.The most important thing about a diagnosis is not that insurance will cover any said diagnosis, but using it to inform how we go about doing therapy.

We believe a person is more than a diagnosis

People come to Battlefield to glean help in sorting and processing thoughts and emotions pertaining to all sorts of different areas of their lives. This ranges from the excited anticipation of marriage or birthing a baby to the dread of getting up the next day because nothing feels worth getting up for. Both ends of this spectrum carry a load of emotions that call for attention, per the assessment of the client.

Because the client deems important his or her need for help in sorting and processing these emotions, we at Battlefield also deem it important to focus on these identified needs. So we work. Together…until the client decides he has accomplished what he had hoped to achieve. In other words, the client and counselor together assess progress and decide the “end date” of the counseling experience.

In order to provide ongoing care, insurance companies want proof the person is still “sick”

Our hope is in the Lord. We watch people work toward and walk in recovery and beyond. Accepting payment from an insurance company requires the argument as to how “sick” the person is and transfers the power from client and counselor to the company to deem what is significant enough to receive help with and for how long. And unfortunately, the insurance company assesses when therapy is “over.”

While we value a formal diagnosis and use diagnosing to inform treatment for the client, we do not believe our clients are sick beyond the hope of improving their quality of life and general sense of well-being. In fact, we believe that our clients can indeed move from death to life, as they do their hard work. We watch it every day. It takes some time and it is a thrilling thing to watch someone learn to navigate their vessel in sanctity and honor, as I Thessalonians 4:4 references.

The counselors at Battlefield Ministries recognize we are typically one part of the team of people caring for our clients. We collaborate with and/or refer to their primary doctor, psychiatrist, and/or specialist for additional care as needed. We believe in the power of a multi-disciplinary approach. Over the years we have found some doctors who dovetail well with our team.

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